Entry Rules and Regulations

HKNE Entry Rules & Regulations

1. The public are welcome to visit Hong Kong News-Expo, but for groups of five or above, application forms must be filled out prior to the visit or at the time of visiting News-Expo. Entry will be permitted only if News-Expo has sufficient capacity.

2. Staff of all visiting groups are not allowed to introduce exhibits and contents to others within News-Expo. News-Expo’s docent are professionals. If docent service is required, please contact our staff.

3. News-Expo may amend these Entry Rules and Regulations at any time or enforce additional rules without advance notice. News-Expo staff shall refuse entry of person(s) to News-Expo if rules of the premises are not adhered to, or demand the person(s) to leave News-Expo immediately.

4. Children aged 11 years old or below entering News-Expo must be accompanied and cared for by an adult at all times.

5. Eating, drinking and smoking are not allowed in News-Expo.

6. No shouting, running within News-Expo, and also refrain from hitting the exhibits. Visitors shall not carry out any actions (whether verbal or non-verbal) which may cause nuisance to other visitors.

7. Visitors must wear proper attire at all times whilst visiting News-Expo.

8. We appreciate your care and respect to our exhibits. News-Expo reserves the right to claim compensation for damages done to the premises or exhibits.

9. Visitors are responsible for the care of their own belongings. News-Expo is not responsible for and will not assume liability for any damage or loss of the property experienced by visitors.

10. Please respect copyright. Unauthorised shooting or use of display content is prohibited. The rights owner reserves the right to take legal action.

11. News-Expo is accessible for guests with disabilities and we provide nursing room. Visitors in need may contact our staff.

12. No pets are allowed except guide dogs.

13. News-Expo staff takes videos or photographs and such photos of visitors may be published on our website, publications or social media. By visiting, visitors are consenting to have their photos taken for the use of such purpose.

14. News-Expo reserves the right to amend the opening hours at any time.

15. News-Expo reserves the right to change or amend any exhibition content at any time.

16. Any suspected / actual illegal act conducted within News-Expo shall be reported to the Police.

17. By entering into the premises, the visitor shall indemnify News-Expo against all actions, claims, and demands by any person who suffers or sustains any death, injury, loss or damage arising out of or as a result of the use of the facility by the visitor or any person so authorised by him due to the negligence on his part or on the part of such authorised person.

18. News-Expo reserves the right for any final decision in case of dispute. Chinese version of these rules take precedence should there be a dispute.