Feature Flooring

Exhibition designer explains design concept for feature flooring

The design of the feature flooring consists of multiple news quotes and news excerpts. Fred, our British exhibition designer shares his design concept:

"The HKNE exhibition was designed as an experience, using all the surfaces to create a rich layered design - our lives, our multi-dimensional and not just 'books on a wall'. Journalism is a freedom and an expression of the facts we are presented with and the designers wanted to express that multi-faceted dimension. We wanted people to 'walk in the shoes of the past, present and future' of the great work journalists in Hong Kong carried out.

We avoided logos on the floor where people might feel walking on them in some way offensive. We merely create a platform where visitors would feel part of the experience. Our world is a framework which allows us to work within it and not be bound by it. We welcome the diverse opinions that make us a society and not merely suggesting that by walking over a statement is in some way an insult to the great work carried out by our professional journalists. It is a 'celebration of the steps' they made to bring us the news... journalism over the years has and continues to look at every angle, the pictures they take, the views they express and the opinions that are formed. Our design tried to reflect that in every aspect of the experience that we wanted our visitors to experience."