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Hong Kong News-Expo adds news and cultural elements to Central and Western District

by Yahson . | Dec 11, 2018
11 December 2018

Hong Kong News-Expo opens to public from 6 December 2018. Other than catering to pre-registered groups, it also attracts a number of veteran journalists, current reporters, members of the public and neighbours in the Central and Western district. During weekends, many folks who look out for heritage features in the local district pay visit to the News-Expo.

An old newspaper stall is the most popular photo opportunity site and the hopscotch is kids’ favourite game. We provided a total of seven free guided-tours sessions, led by veteran journalists, Mr Sze Wing-yuen, Mr Cheng Ming-yan, Ms May Chan Suk-mei, and Professor Clement So York-kee of the Chinese University of Hong Kong on 7 and 8 December (Saturday and Sunday). Together they introduced the exhibition contents in depth to visitors.

Visitors enjoyed themselves in the News-Expo during their visit. Those who are interested in the development of journalism in Hong Kong, uncovered a ‘treasury’ while they were appreciating the exhibition in the newspapers, radio and TV sections. More people are interested in a scroll featuring the ten major news events, voted by members of the public and HKNE committee members. On display in the scroll are news reports of different newspapers on the same topic. The 10 major news events will be updated and changed from time to time, to help members of the public have a better understanding of the events, regarding economic, political, social and livelihood, in Hong Kong over the past 100 years.

The ten major news presented right after the opening are 1953 Shek Kip Mei Fire, 1963 Severe Water Shortage, 1965 Run On Chinese Bank, 1967 Riots, 1972 Rainstorm Disasters of 18 June, 1975 Vietnamese Refugees, 1989 June 4 Incident, 1997 Hong Kong Handover, 2003 SARS and 2014 Occupy Central.