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HKNE Jockey Club Media Literacy Education Programme HKNE Mascot Design Competition Participation in competition methods and details

by WangWai Ma | Feb 04, 2020
4 February 2020
Competition is over


To encourage students to unleash the creativity by designing an original mascot for HKNE, the competition aims to introduce the significance of delivering professional news in an objective and comprehensive manner, and to further promote media literacy education to general public.



Anyone who are in the grade groups (All staff of HKNE, members of the judging panel and their immediate family members are not eligible to participate in this Competition.)

Grade Groups for Judging

Primary grade – Primary 1-6

Lower secondary grade group – Secondary 1-3

Higher secondary grade group – Secondary 4-6

Tertiary grade group – Diploma & above



Application and entry submission: 15 April 2020 at 23:59 (Late submission will not be accepted)

Result Announcement: May 2020

Prize Presentation: May 2020


Rules and Eligibility

• All entries must conform to the theme of the Competition, and all entries must be original, have neither been openly shown or publicized in any other media platforms, nor have been submitted for other competitions.

• A participant can only submit one entry. Only the latest entry will be accepted if more than one has been received.

• An entry should not contain any material that is obscene, violent, pornographic, defamatory, indecent, disparaging or content that is controversial and inappropriate.

• Participants are to abide by HKNE's decision on all matters relating to the Competition, including the right to adopt the winning entries for the mascot of HKNE without prior notice.

• Decisions of the judges are final. The participants are not allowed to object and the Competition does not have an appeal mechanism.

• All staff of the HKNE, members of the judging panel and their immediate family members are not allowed to participate in this Competition.


Format of Entries

• There is no limitation for presentation of the design concept.

• In order to encourage creativity and innovation, the design of mascot can be presented as but not limited to human character, animal, robot, super hero, character whom can communicate with people and humanized object.

• The mascot must be a single character.

• Naming and measurement of the mascot is required. A summary of the content should be provided either in Chinese or English (within 50-100 words).

• Hand drawing format must be drawn on blank paper (without restriction in size).

• Primary and Lower Secondary Grade Groups:

The entries for all formats must be front view. Entries can be sent by post or submitted in person together with the Application Form.

• Higher Secondary and Tertiary Grade Groups:

The entries must include five sides (front, back, left, right and top view). Entries can be

(1) sent by post or submitted in person or;

(2) email (info@hkne.org.hk) together with the Application Form.

For entries via email, it should be in jpg format. Hand drawing format should be scanned in jpg format. Other entry formats (for example, photo taking of model or figure) and their submissions must be in jpg format. The resolution should be at least 300dpi while the file size should not be less than 1MB and not be larger than 5MB.


Application and Entry Submission

Email the application form and entries to info@hkne.org.hk or sent by post or submitted in person to Hong Kong News-Expo, 2 Bridges Street, Central (opens 10am to 7pm. Closed on Mondays).

Entries shall not be returned to applicants. Those who submit in person will receive a souvenir.

Prize (Each Grade Group will have one 1st winning entry, 2nd winning entry and 3rd winning entry, and 5 merit entries)

1st winning entry: Book coupon HK$1,500 award and certificate.

2nd winning entry: Book coupon HK$1,000 award and certificate.

3rd Winning entry: Book coupon HK$800 award and certificate.

Merit (5 places): Book coupon HK$300 award and certificate.

Each qualified entry will receive a certificate of participation.


Judging Criteria

(1) Overall Composition: design and techniques 40%

(2) Expression of theme: mascot design for HKNE 30%

(3) Creativity: innovative ideas 30%


Judging panel

HKNE will establish a professional judging panel to select the winning entries.


Results Announcement

The results of the Competition will be announced on the HKNE's website in May 2020. Winners will be notified by letter and invited to attend the prize presentation ceremony held in May 2020 to introduce their winning entries and share their design experience.



• Participants are required to comply with the relevant copyright laws. If the participants infringe the copyright or other related crimes, including but not limited to the submission, reprinting, copying and counterfeiting of the competition, their qualifications will be cancelled. Participants should be responsible for their own legal responsibility, and any legal disputes are irrelevant to the HKNE.

• HKNE may copy, use, modify, display, publish and distribute the submitted entries, or distribute them for any media, for publicity or education, without any remuneration or other notice.

• HKNE has the intellectual property rights of the submitted entries, which can be put into production and distributed, displayed or published in any venue as (but not limited to) the promotion of HKNE activities.

• After submitting the application, the participants will agree to all the terms and conditions on behalf of the participants, and will not remove any loss of HKNE from any of the principals who have filed their work for the legal liability and agree to the compensation.


Personal Information Collection Statement

• HKNE’s goal in collecting and storing your personal data is solely for purposes relating to the activities of the Competition.

• Under general circumstances, HKNE will not sell, trade or disclose any information or personal data you provided to us to any third party without your prior consent or notice to you. Only authorised staff of HKNE has access to your personal information for administrative purposes without your authorisation or notice to you.

• Under special circumstances, HKNE shall have the right to disclose or release your personal data to any third party without your prior consent or notice to you. The said special circumstances include the protection of the rights, interests, copyright and intellectual property rights of HKNE, and the investigation or inquiry of illegal activities and any procedures required by law and the protection of the personal safety of the users and general public, etc.

For any enquires, please reach us at info@hkne.org.hk or Tel.: 2205 2242 (Whatsapp: 5443 0338)


Hong Kong News-Expo Mascot Design Competition Participation in competition methods and details