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Hong Kong News-Expo “Reflections on a COVID-19 News Story” - Essay Writing Competition

by Kenny Chan | Jul 03, 2021
3 July 2021


COVID-19 has plagued Hong Kong since 2019. Hong Kong News-Expo hosted an Essay Writing Competition on “Reflections on a COVID-19 News Story” to encourage students to understand current events through reading news and understand social issues. The entries came from Primary, Lower secondary, Higher secondary and Tertiary grade groups respectively. The competition was held from April to May this year and responses were overwhelming with about 400 entries. Our professional panel of judges had chosen the 1st, 2nd, 3rd winning entry and merits entries from each grade group.

The Award Presentation Ceremony was officiated by Dr. John Chan Cho-chak, Chairman of HKNE on 3th July at Hong Kong News-Expo. Ms. May Chan Suk-mei, Vice Chairman of HKNE, and members of our professional panel of judges also joined the ceremony.

Addressing the ceremony, Dr. Chan noted that students had to pick up a piece of epidemic news, and write an essay about the impact on them by what is mentioned in that piece of news. Through such exercise, it was hoped to nurture them the right attitude in reading news. The winning entries showed the students’ concern in social issues, and how they were inspired by current events.

The Essay Competition was part of the Hong Kong News-Expo Jockey Club Media Literacy Education Programme, which was funded by The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust. Its aim is to introduce the significance of delivering professional news in an objective and comprehensive manner to the general public.

Ms. May Chan introduced the latest thematic exhibition - the “Wars Against Epidemics in Hong Kong”. The exhibits are divided into different sections on the epidemics that happened in Hong Kong. They include the plague over a hundred years ago, measles and tuberculosis in the 1950-60s, avian flu in 1990s and SARS in 2003 and the COVID-19, etc. It also showcased how the society coped with the epidemics with various measures.

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Photo 1: Dr. John Chan Cho-chak, Chairman of HKNE notes the essay competition can nurture students to hold the right attitude in reading news.

Photo 2: HKNE invites the winners to join the award presentation ceremony.